National Awareness-Raising Event in Latvia



The Opportunities and Challenges of Rehabilitation

and Employability of People with Disabilities in Latvia and Europe


17 June 2016

Riga, Latvia



Over 60 people met in the Parliament in Riga at the Latvian national awareness raising event on employment of people with disabilities. The event, co-organised with EPR member SIVA and the Parliament Committee for Employment and Social Affairs, saw key stakeholders present their challenges, actions and recommendations to support the employment of people with disabilities.


Speakers included representatives of people with disabilities, employers and the state. EPR Lithuanian member VRC presented their work and Laura Jones presented EPR, recommendations from the Platform and key tools to support employment of people with disabilities.


The event was well-received and successfully brought the topic of employment of people with disabilities higher up the Latvian political agenda, including the supported employment model.


Available documents:


Summary Report





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EMployment of people with disabilities - Benefits of diversity- Laura Jones, EPR


EPR - Building capacity for excellence in service provision of people with disabilities - Laura Jones, EPR



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