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Service providers and their professionals still struggle to correctly understand the needs of companies and the specificities of a business environment. Moreover, they often lack the awareness that both people with disabilities and employers should be conceived as ‘customers’ in order to maximise the success rates of vocational reintegration. Vocational rehabilitation services mainly contact employers with a view to job finding and identifying suitable work placements. However, service providers should be aware that employers may have additional needs such as disability awareness training, knowledge of government support/funding programmes and practical solutions to health, safety and disability employment issues.



  •  EPR Activities


National awareness-raising event on "The Opportunities and Challenges of Rehabilitation and Employability of People with Disabilities in Latvia and Europe. (Riga, 17 June 2016)


Developing an Employers' Charter (online, 21 December 2015)


National awareness-raising event on Corporate Social Responsibility: a frame for supporting employment of People with Disabilities. (Vilnius, 29 October 2015)


Event on employment of persons with disabilities (Belfast, 18 December 2014)


Thematic community on Cooperation with employers, 2013-2014


Seminar on optimising relationships between service providers and employers (06-07 June 2012)


R&D Forum: Final Report (2011-2012). EPR R&D Forum member organisations have developped project idea on supported employment - pages 31/37


VIP project: (2008-2011) Vocational Integration for People with disabilities.

The VIP project, funded by European social Found, aims to integrate people with disabilities into the Romanian labour market through vocational assessment and rehabilitation services.


Re-integrate project: (2008-2010) Return to work - An Integrate e-learning Environment. Reintegrate aims to return people to work who have become absent because of illness or injury. It supports employers in developing good practice for timely and appropriate return to work.



  •  Members' expertise


Give us a chance to expand your mind, (2013) training programme developed by Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre, winner of the EPR Innovation Prize 2013. Watch the video below!



"Dreams come true: Innovative ways to support employment of people with disabilities"(2012) project developed by Luovi Vocational College, winner of the Innovation Prize 2012.


Individual Placement and Support - Durapart (2012)

Presentation given by Beate Brinchmann (clinical psychologist) in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference on continuum of services.


CSAVR expertise: American employer strategies to attract qualified applicants with disabilities (2012) - Presentation given by Stephen Wooderson in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference on continuum of services.



  •  European key policy documents and events


11th EUSE Conference (11-13 June 2013) - Building an Inclusive Europe through Supported Employment


The EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020: Employment section - page 7



  •  Relevant documents and links


European Union of Supported Employment (EUSE) Toolkit


Study of Supported Employment in Europe (May 2011)


Good practice case studies from SE study in Europe (May 2011)


EUSE website - European Union of Supported Employment







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