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European societies are characterised by a rising proportion of older citizens. A continuing increase in life-expectancy is predicted for the decades to come along with a continuing reduction in birth rates in most of the European countries. Yet today’s society still strives to meet the needs and interests of this group of people, particularly those with disabilities.

The growing demand for (rehabilitation) services represents both a challenge and an opportunity for service providers. The greater challenge is to develop services that respond to the shared needs of all ageing people, those with disabilities at the same time, as well as the very specific needs of each individual. The ultimate goal being to maintain the quality of people’s lives in the community.



  •  EPR Activities


Community-based supported living services for people with intellectual disabilities in Greece - Concern about Elderly People with Disabilities  - Awareness-Raising Event in Agrinio, Greece (14 October 2015)


Training seminar on Ageing & Disability: Health and Care Services (29-30 January 2009)


Aeging and Disability as a strategic priority - policy paper (2009)



  •  Members' expertise


Elderly Services  in Pluryn (2009)


"Irene" project developed by Pluryn, winner of the Innovation Prize 2010.


"Getting older together in Olsberg" - An integrative network for elderly people with and without disabilities (2009) - project developed by Josefsheim Bigge.



  •  European key policy documents and events


European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing - A Europe 2020 Initiative


Conference "European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing: From Plan to Action" (03 April 2012)



  •  Relevant documents and links


AGE Platform Europe (website)


European Year for Active Ageing and Solidarity between Generations (2012)





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