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People with mental health problems are a growing target group for EPR members, and service providers are required to ensure specific approaches and methodologies. At the same time, relatively few specialised services are available for this group throughout Europe. At an international level, there is a growing interest amongst people with lived experience of mental distress in the  concept of ‘recovery’ and the hope it offers of having a good life, despite perhaps on-going challenges. In response, service providers are increasingly looking at ways in which staff and programmes can support this ambition, by becoming more ‘recovery-oriented’.




  •  EPR Activities


E-Learning Module Mental Health



National Awareness and training events:


Ireland - Mental Health Recovery in Action (5 November 2015)


Denmark - Empowering people with mental or intellectual disabilities from specialised services to independent living (9 December 2014)


Spain - Housing for people with mental illness from the recovery approach (4 December 2014)



Thematic communities:

Services to people with mental health issues  (2013-2014) 



Training seminars:

Services to people with mental health problems (21-22 September 2011) 





  •  Members' expertise


Return to work after vocational rehabilitation: does mindfulness matter?  Durapart (2014)



Community-based services for people with mental health problems  INTRAS (2013) - Presentation given at the EPR public affairs event on social innovation by Pablo Gomez, director of INTRAS.



INTRAS psychosocial rehabilitation centres and the programmes (2011):

Psychosocial rehabilitation centre in Zamora
Day Centre in Toro

- Residencia de Toro accommodation for people with severe and prolonged mental disorders

Housing of people with severe and prolonged mental Illness

Employment area



"Heads Up"  project on suicide prevention in Ireland, NLN (2011) - Innovation Prize winner 2011



Integrated Services for people with mental health difficulties, NLN (2010) - Presentation given by David Muldoon.




  •  European key policy documents and events


The Helsinki conference paved the way for the adoption of the European Commission Green Paper "Improving the Mental Health of the Population: Towards a Strategy on Mental Health for the European Union (2005) Union"



European Pact for Mental Health and Well-being. The Pact was launched at a High-Level Conference on Mental Health and Well-being on 13 June 2008, led by the European Commission in collaboration with the Slovenian Presidency and the World Health Organization Regional Office for Europe.




  •  Relevant documents and links


Measuring Recovery in Mental Health Services - Mike Slade (2010) - The article describes what is meant by recovery, and characterizing international progress. It identifies current tools, and makes proposals for future research strategies.


The Recovery Context Inventory - The Irish Association of Suicidology (Newsletter, Summer 2012) - A new web-based questionnaire allowing people to measure the presence of contextual factors in their lives which they believe are important to their wellbeing and recovery.


Implementing Recovery - Sainsbury Centre for Mental Healt (July 2009) - The paper presents a practical methodology to help mental health services and their local partners become more ‘recovery-oriented’ in their organisation and practices, and thereby to support these processes more effectively.


Making Recovery a Reality - Sainsbury Centre for Mental Healt (2008) - The policy paper presents some of the key ideas and examines their implications for the delivery of mental health services.


Recovery is for All: Hope, Agency and Opportunity in Psychiatry - South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust; South West London and St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust (December 2010) - The position paper provides the conceptual and practical framework for psychiatrists to turn the vision of recovery focused mental health services into reality.


National Consensus Statement on Mental Healt Recovery - US Department of Health and Human Services - The 10 Fundamental Components of Recovery


Mental Health Europe (website)


Scottish Recovery Network (website)


Research into Recovery (website) - King's College London


EVE - Creating Contexts for Recovery (website)





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