Outcome measurement in medical rehabilitation



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 Adelante (2011)



EPR created in 2009 a benchlearning group specifically dedicated to this issue. The groups has been working since then towards understanding how to implement outcome measurement in order to evaluate the impact of medical rehabilitation on service users, their families and wider society.



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EPR Benchlearning group

The overall objectives of this benchlearning group are to explore the best use of outcomes in the field of medical rehabilitation, compare and support the implementation of outcomes measurement and deepen the insight of some of the best practices in the EPR network.



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Medical rehabilitation at URI (2009) - Presentation of Rehabilitation Institute Ljubljana, Slovenia given by Hermina Damjan


Oucome measurement in medical rehabilitation at CRM (2009) - France


Oucome measurement in medical rehabilitation in Adelante (2009)          Netherlands, Presentation given by Albère Köke


Oucome measurement in medical rehabilitation in Heliomare (2009)         Netherlands, Presentation given by Coen van Bennekom



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SCIM III: The Spinal Cord Independence Measure (SCIM) has been used by the benchlearning group as the initial tool for measuring services’ outcomes.







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