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EPR support its member organisations by introducing them to new business management tools and helping them in their implementation. Comprehensive management tools support leading organisations in their attempt to optimize the organisation of their services and the improvement of efficiency.



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Webinar on Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) for case management (06 February 2014). This webinar delivered by Deloitte Belgium experts was designed to support EPR member organisations seize the challenges and opportunities of comprehensive case management and technologies.


Training seminar on Balanced Scorecard (01-02 February 2012) - The seminar aimed to facilitate participants to reflect upon the use of Balanced Scorecards and others strategic and business planning tools used in their own organisations.


Integral Performance Management (04 December 2013) IPM is a methodology to improve the performance of an organisation by translating organisational strategy into customer driven processes. The seminar aimed at introducing the participants to ways of implementing IPM within their organisations; strategy deployment; setting the right performance indicators to align daily activities with strategic objectives and other methods of applying IPM in specific contexts.


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Balanced scorecard on 2GC Active Management, a specialist strategic management consultancy.





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