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During the last decade the rehabilitation sector has been undergoing important changes due to national and international movements on many levels of the service provision, mainly as a consequence of the breakdown/reduction of the welfare state.

De-institutionalisation, decentralisation of service provision, continuity and quality of services, cooperation with other providers and mainstream organisations, financial reductions, central position of the client – all those issues mean challenges for our staff. Waiting for the future is not an option anymore. Service providers must develop optimal  Human Resources management to find appropriate answers by preparing their staff for new roles.




  •  EPR Activities


Training seminar on engagement of staff in internal change processes (26-27 September 2011) - Overview of methods and mindsets to enable them to meet the ever increasing demands and challenges faced by their organisations in an environment that is constantly changing.


HR Management Seminar (19-20 November 2009) - Introduction to tools and knowledge to develop and use competence frameworks, recruitment and selection strategies, staff/management development including career/succession planning and retention strategies and performance management.



  •  Members' expertise


Enhancing the empowering qualities of professionals (Durapart 2011) Presentation given by Grete Kristiansen in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference.


Sustainable Human Resource Management (Adelante 2011) Presentation given by Sandra Adriaansens in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference.


Staff satisfaction: a key element of improvement (CRM 2011) Presentation given by Jean-Claude Schrepfer in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference.


The Sinus milieus® – How recruitment has to react on new ways of life (JG-Gruppe 2011) Presentation given by Frank Mühr in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference.


Involving volunteers in the acceptance and the social rehabilitation of people with intellectual and related disabilities (Panagia Eleousa 2011) Presentation given by Dimitrios Cheimariotis in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference.


Staff Supervision: Making a real difference in difficult times (RehabCare 2011) Presentation given by Shaun Durkin in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference.


Our most important responsibilities: staff selection, retention and growth engagement, presentation given by Fred McFarlane in the framework of the EPR Annual Conference.



  •  Relevant documents and links


How do we lead when change is constant? (2011) - The Journal of Rehabilitation - The article highlights the need for a focused leadership to develop specific approaches and strategies that will enable the program to grow and be sustainable.


The perils of bad strategy (June 2011) - McKinsey Quarterly - The article aims to lay out the attributes of bad strategy and explain why it is so prevalent.





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