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Project Summary


Assistive Technologies and Inclusive Solutions for All (ATIS4all) is a European project aimed at improving the accessibility of assistive technology (AT) for all. Its main objective is to encourage an open discussion in order that a greater sharing of knowledge and expertise among key experts and users takes place. This is to be done while assuring the key principle that Human Rights are to be enjoyed equally by all people, including those with disabilities, the elderly and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


ATIS4all, has been set up in order to work towards the creation of an environment that allows for greater inclusion of those with disabilities through the platform of information and communication technologies. It has been highlighted that access to these is often difficult and not well distributed.


This combined with the increasing importance of IT and technological communications in the labour market and indeed toward an improved quality of life for individuals has lead the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) to identify this as a key area in terms the drive for equal opportunities and wellbeing of people with disabilities, the elderly and those from disadvantaged backgrounds.


The project started in January 2011, and is expected to last for three years. EPR takes part in the project consortium, along with other major European organisations and stakeholders in the field of assistive technologies and integration.


The ATIS4all network is very closely linked to the ETNA network (European network of leading Institutions in assistive technology and e-accessibility):


   * ATIS4all will focus on  building a collaborative portal to create an active online community, enhancing dialogue, sharing and participation among users, researchers and developers.


   * ETNA will work on the Portal’s search engine application, enabling all the stakeholders to access the data and resources available through a multilingual interface.



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ATIS4all website:


ETNA website:


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Second executive annual summary


First executive annual summary



News and Events


Press Release: New European portal on Assistive Technologies and Inclusive Solutions for All - 26 June 2013


Seventh ATIS4all workshop - Madrid, 09-10 December 2013


Sixth ATIS4all workshop - Vilamoura, 17-18 September 2013


Fifth ATIS4all workshop - Milan, 21-22 February 2013


Fourth ATIS4all workshop - Madrid, 18-19 September 2012


Latest newsletter: Issue September 2012



News from partners


AAATE (Association for Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe) and EASTIN (European Assistive Technology Information Network) published the paper "Service Delivery System on Assistive Technology in Europe". The paper exploits the role of assistive technology in supporting care and participation of people with disabilities through appropriate service delivery systems. 



 List of partners:

Fundosa Technosite - S.A.

Fundacion Vodafone España - FVE.

Business Disability Forum - BDF.

ANDITEC - Tecnologias de Reabilitaçao LDA - ANDI.

European Disability Forum - EDF.

TECNALIA (formerly FUNDACIÓN Robotiker - RBTK).

Age Platform Europe - AGE.

Centre For Research and Technology Hellas - CERTH.

Association BrailleNet.

Stephen Andrew Lee.

Politecnico di Milano – Dipartimento di Elettronica e Informazione - PMIL.

Ministerstvo Vnitra - MVCR.

AbilityNet - ABIL.

IT-OG Telestyrelsen National IT - and Telecom Agency - NITA.

Technical University of Denmark - DTU.

Central Remedial Clinic - CRC.

Work Research Centre Limited - WRC.

Research In Motion Uk Limited - RIM.






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