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Quality of services is one of the cornerstones of EPR policy since its foundation in 2003. Nowadays, the concept of quality is still considered a key demand in the national approach of the social sector and in the EU policy by promoting the modernisation of the social sector. The debate on Quality at the European and National level is still an actual debate for all NGOs in the social sector and the Vocational Education and Training sector. The quality of the services will not be improved by solely debating and defining policies: organisations of social services providers must develop and implement appropriate quality systems.



  •  EPR Activities


Benchmarking on quality principles with EQUASS (21-22 September 2012) - Discussion on EQUASS Principles Leadership, Result Orientation, Staff and Continuous Improvement.


Benchmarking on quality principles with EQUASS (04-05 October 2011) - Discussion on EQUASS Principles and exchange of good-practices.


Prometheus Project: (2008 – 2010) The project aimed to reach an agreement between stakeholders about the definition, measurement, assessment and improvement of quality of social services.


EQUASS in Practice Project  (2008 – 2010) aimed to develop and share best practice for how VET service providers may work to implement the EQUASS Assurance certification programme, improving quality of their services and achieving sustainable working practice and routines.

EQUABENCH Project (2008 – 2010) aimed to facilitate the import and export of best business practice in order to improve the quality of training for people who have a disability or other form of disadvantage.


PRoject for IMplementation of Equavet (PRIME): (2011 – 2013) The project aims to use EQUASS as a tool for the implementation on the EQAVET framework for quality in the provision of Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Europe.


Paper on Quality Approaches in Social Services (December 2011) - The paper provides an overview of the current quality approaches of different actors at the European level in the policy influencing process of the social services. Annexes



  •  Members' expertise


Key success factors In implementation of Quality (CRM - 2009)

Presentation given by Jean-Claude Schrepfer during the EPR Quality Seminar in 2009.



  •  European key policy documents and events


Communication on "Services of general interest, including social services of general interest: a new European commitment" - European Commission (20 November 2007) - The Communication reflects the need to ensure legal certainty and consistency across EU policies, while respecting the diversity of sectors and situations and the need to improve general awareness and understanding of EU rules.


Common Quality Framework for Social Services of General Interest (CQF for SSGI) - The framework describes a set of domains, preconditions and principles, as well as a set of key criteria that influence the quality of social services (2010).





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