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The rapid development of technologies has opened the door to a new quality of services: more and longer independency of clients; better participation in the society; more community-based and less residential solutions; opportunities to support professionals in the disability sector. Technologies have integrated all services, such as treatment (E-health for example), care (remote approaches), housing (smart homes), transport, work environment, leisure time, infrastructures, etc.

The challenge for service providers is to develop well-coordinated solutions keeping the client as starting point of each strategy. The use of sophisticated and innovative technology should be led by the client and meet their real needs; it should be understandable for and manageable by the client.



  •  EPR Activities


ATIS4all Project: (2010 – 2013) Assistive Technologies and Inclusive Solutions for All (ATIS4all) is a European project aimed at improving the accessibility of assistive technology (AT) for all. The collaborative portal on AT is now online.


AEGIS project: (2008 - 2012) The international project aimed at empowering people with disabilities, the elderly and anyone else experiencing disadvantaged when using Internet services, desktop PCs or mobile devices.


Assistive technology in rehabilitation: Is the sky really the limit? - Session 2 of the EPR Annual Conference 2010



  •  Members' expertise


The invisible mouse - Creative use of assistive technology (2013) - Reuben Jayawardene, Programme Facilitator RehabCare, Ireland - Adaptability of the software PCbility to user’s needs by creating a modified camera stand using a table lamp with a flexible neck.


“The Power of KINECT in Special Needs Education” project (Heliomare - 2012) - The project aims to monitor the impact of the use of Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor in the school for special needs education.


IRIS Smart Home – Independent Residing enabled by Intelligent Solutions (URI) - A 90 m2 flat situated at Institute for rehabilitation, equipped with domotics, assistive technologies and information technologies designed to enable independent living to various user groups.


Technosite profile and reference (2012) - A member of the ONCE Foundation Group, Technosite has become a recognised leader in the accessibility and usability sector.



  •  European key policy documents and events


12th European AAATE Conference - Association for the Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe (19-22 September 2013) - Vilamoura, Algrave, Portugal



  •  Relevant documents and links


"Service Delivery System on Assistive Technology in Europe" - (2012) Paper published by AAATE (Association for Advancement of Assistive Technology in Europe) and EASTIN (European Assistive Technology Information Network). The paper exploits the role of assistive technology in supporting care and participation of people with disabilities through appropriate service delivery systems.


ATIS4all Collaborative portal


Technosite website





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