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The central idea behind the personal budget concept is to empower social care users by giving them the choise to decide the nature of the support they receive. In practice, this allows people to take direct control over the money allocated to them, they can pay for traditional services and as well as less conventional services, including leisure activities and opportunities for personal development. EPR supports its member organisations by exchanging knowledge on different national provisions and implications related to personal budget.



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Personal budgets: a new way to finance disabilities services (October 2013) - The analytical paper defines the personal budget. It presents some country cases, focuses on the impact of personal budgets on service providers and takes a closer look at the opinions of different European stakeholders on personal budgets.


"Personal budget" for people with disability (July 2010) - The analysis paper gives on overview on the recent national provisions and implications with regards to the “personal budget” – with a special focus on Germany, using/quoting the recent findings from European research and studies.



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Personal return to work budgets' for persons with disabilities: demand-based delivery of re-integration services in the Netherlands -  The article describes the background to the Dutch approach, initial implementation problems, favourable outcomes and subsequent nationwide application, which is also available for the unemployed and for persons on social assistance.





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