Thematic Expertise



EPR started in 2012 with the implementation of its Strategic Plan. Most progress was made on the pathway "mutual learning" which has been a long-standing EPR core business. The most important achievement in this domain is the greater variation and balanced contents of EPR activities that correspond more to the thematic areas of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities.


EPR focuses on four of the six life areas of the UNCRPD and on three other relevant thematic areas:

   -  Medical rehabilitation
   -  Education and training
   -  Work and Employment
   -  Independent Living

   -  Specific Client Groups
   -  Management in Rehabilitation Services
   -  Key concepts

The exchange of expertise in on-line thematic communities and the collaboration of thematic groups on-line will enable a greater exchange of ideas and expertise.



You can find here an overview of the EPR professionnal development activities 2013-2014. Hyperlinks will direct you to already exiisting pages of the website (locked pages).


To view the list of professional development activities planned in 2014, please click here.

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