EPR believes that lasting change and influence can only be achieved through genuine stakeholder cooperation between all actors in society.


EPR has a seat in the EU's High Level Group on Disability and has participatory status with the Council of Europe



Partner in:



A new European network launched in December 2011 to strengthen the profile and position of social services and to  promote the role of not-for-profit social service providers throughout Europe.



The largest platform of European rights and value-based NGOs working in the social sector. It aims to promote social justice, equality and participatory democracy by voicing the concerns of member organisations.



Overall, EPR works together with all key stakeholders in the disability field including policy-makers, organisations representing the disability movement, social partners, funders, service providers and other NGOs.




Events and meetings:



Social Services Europe and Trade Unions call for action to unlock the job creation potential of the social services sector" - 1st December 2015


The Working Group on Public Services of European Parliament Common Goods and Public Services Intergroup, hosted at the European Parliament on 1st December a public hearing to exchange on the need of unlocking job creation potential of the social services sector.


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Social Services Providers and MEPs: "Let's Cooperate on an Action Plan for Job Creation" - 26 March 2015


Social service providers and policy makers convened at the European Economic and Social Committee in Brussels on 26 March to work together on how to put social investment back on the European Commission’s agenda. The breakfast session was organised by Social Services Europe, which brings together eight Europe-wide networks of not-for-profit social service providers.


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Delivering Positive Change: round table at the European Parliament with Social Services Europe - 9 October 2012


On 9 October 2012 European Parliamentarians and experts discussed how social services contribute to smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The event was organised by Social Services Europe and the Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats (S&D). For more information about the discussion please read the report.


Video: How Can Social Services Contribute to Achieving the EU2020 Strategy Goals?

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