Policy Papers & Studies





Study on co-production in services for people with disabilities - 2016


Study of services to support the inclusion of persons with disability in mainstream environments - 2015


Transition services for young persons with disabilities in EPR member organisations - 2014



Policy Papers


EPR lobbies for interests of social service providers at European level. Policy issues are discussed in the EPR Board and at regular Strategic Workshops for Directors.


Important dossiers EPR has been working on include the debate on Quality of social services of general interest, the Services Directive and the priorities of successive EU Disability Action Plans. As a member of the HLG on Disability, EPR has also been involved in dossiers on disability mainstreaming in the Open Method of Coordination (OMC) in social protection and social inclusion, the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities and the adoption of the new State Aid Block Exemption Regulation.



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Charter on Modernisation of disability-related Health and Social Services



  • 2016


Challenges and opportunities for the integration of migrants in Europe



Briefing paper on Co-production of services



Briefing paper on Long-Term Care: Older People & Disability




  • 2015


European Employment Policies and Initiatives


Mainstreamed and community-based services


Information and Communication Technologies in rehabilitation of persons with disabilities


Vocational Education & Training Initiatives


  •  2014


Assessment of the new Public Procurement Directiv


Quality in Social Services


Cooperation Mechanisms Between Providers of Vocational Education and Training and Employers In The Field of ICT - Analytical Paper


European Social Fund 2014 - 2020


  •  2013


Personal Budgets - A new way to finance disability services


Response to the Social Investment Package - Social Services Europe position


Social Investment Package - Towards social investment for growth and cohesion - Analytical paper


Social Innovation - What is in it for social service providers? Analytical paper



  •  2012


Social Innovation. The Role of Social Service Providers - Analytical paper


The impact of the EC proposal for a Directive on public procurement for social services - Analytical paper 



  •  2011


Paper on Quality Approaches in Social Services


Annexes to the Report on Quality approaches in social services at the European level


The EU Disability Strategy 2010-2020 - Analysis paper


The Second Biennial Report on SSGI - Analysis paper 



  •  2010


The newly composed European Parliament and European Commission - the Impact on Social Services


Toolkit: Sources of information on rehabilitation services 



  •  2009


It is your Business: An Analysis paper on the implications of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (UNCRPD) and its Optional Protocol for Service Providers


The EU Equality Employment Directive 2000/78/EC What impact for vocational rehabilitation services?


State aid: European Commission General Block Exemption Regulation



  •  2008


The importance of social services of general interest (SSGI) in modern social policies:the European Commission Biennial Report on SSGI


Analysis Paper on Cross-border Healthcare


Services of General Interest and Social Services of General Interest after the Lisbon Treaty and the Commission Communication: Services of general interest, including social services of general interest. A new European commitment








EPR drafts short surveys, drawing a picture of the state of affairs of particular issues upon request of its members accross EPR membership or further. 



Download the latest surveys below:


Tele-assistance services to people with mental health problems


Autism specific accreditation programmes and accredited services in Europe


Mental health recovery in Europe: a sample of encouraging practice 


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