Co-production for quality of services and quality of life


23 November 2016


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On 23 November 2016, the European Platform for Rehabilitation (EPR) co-organised its annual Public Affairs event with the European Disability Forum (EDF). This year the event focused on co-production for quality of services, on how it relates to empowerment, what co-production looks like in practice, on what are the barriers to empowering co-production practices and how they can be overcome.


EPR worked with researchers from the European Network for Independent Living (ENIL) to draft a study which analyses good practices from EPR members in the field of co-production of services, focusing on people with disabilities. Lilia Angelova presented the study by explaining that for the study, ‘co-production’ is understood to mean equal partnership and collaboration between service providers and people using services. She also presented main findings and reccomendations. 


Live interviews were made to two EPR members, Rehab Group from Ireland and Josefsheim-Bigge from Germany about their co-production practices.


The second part of the event was devoted to an engaged panel debate of representatives of service providers and service users at European level active in the field. Participants were invited to discuss in groups few recommendations for next steps.


The Study of co-prodution in services for people with disabilities and its annexes are available for download here.

Summary Report of the event - soon available








Presentation of the report - main conclusions and recommendations
Lilia Angelova, ENIL, co-author of the study

Rehab’s  Advocacy  and Representative  Structures
Sonya  Felton,  Head  of  Public Affairs and Advocacy, RehabGroup


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