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EPR organises public events at EU level to bring together a multi-stakeholder audience and facilitate the debate around thematic issues relevant in the sector of disability and social services. The events allow EPR members, experts and key European stakeholders to gain a greater insight into the developments of the social services sector.


By building up a strong profile and image towards external stakeholders, EPR wants to formulate concrete answers to challenges of tomorrow and contribute substantially to the modernisation of the social services sector.





Co-production of quality services and quality of life





Supporting community inclusion of people with disabilities: challenges and opportunities




Employment of people furthest from the labour market and transition from school to work for people with disabilities




Social Innovation: The role of service providers and the impact on social services





A European quality framework as a safeguard for procurement of social services





Dinner Debate at the European Parliament on the cross-border dimension of health and social services





Conference on Empowerment of People with Disabilities Impact and Opportunities


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