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Who does what and when in the European Semester?



  • Step I  (November) : Annual Growth Survey


In the 2017 Annual Growth Survey, the Commission calls on the Member States


- relaunching investment

- pursuing structural reforms to modernise the economies

- pursuing responsible fiscal policies


This year, emphasis is placed on the importance of ensuring social fairness as a way to stimulate a more inclusive growth, as well as on the need to strengthen competitiveness, innovation and productivity.


The 2017 Annual Growth Survey is part of a wider Autumn European Semester package, containing several documents such as The 2017 draft Joint Employment Report


Other documents related to fiscal policies are available here



  • Step II  (February): Country Reports


Country Reports, issued by the European Commission, analyse the economic situation and the reform agenda of each Member State.


Country Reports list



  • Step III (April): National Reform Programmes (NRPs)


Governments published their NRPs outlining the reforms and initiatives they plan to take and have taken to make progress towards smart, sustainable and inclusive growth in areas such as employment, education, research, innovation, energy and social inclusion.


National Reform Programmes list


Governments are encouraged to involve national Parliaments and social partners more closely in the formulation and implementation of National Reform Programmes (Stakeholders Involvement)



  • Step IV (May): Country Specific Recommendations (CSRs)


The European Commission and the European Council analysed the NRPs and replied to Member States with Country-Specific Recommendations.


Recommendations lay out the measures which national governments should take within a period of 12-18 months in order to reach the goals of the Europe 2020 Strategy and to maintain economic stability and growth.


Recommendations only cover key priority issues of macro-economic and social relevance that require Member States' immediate attention.


Country-Specific Recommendations list




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