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20 December 2013

Berufsbildungswerk Suedhessen (bbw)


“Inclusion has many facets” - Review of the Symposium held on 30 October in Karben near Frankfurt a.m.


Berufsbildungswerk Suedhessen (bbw) organised a Conference on the theme of Inclusion. More than 300 participants and 30 experts from economy, politics, science and society came to Karben to discuss the prospects for the training and employment of young people with disabilities, and to deal with the question of how inclusion can be realised and put into practice.

Here below is the Summary Report of the event.



30 October 2013

Berufsbildungswerk Suedhessen (bbw)


Inclusion - opportunities for education and work: Learn from the best on 30 October in Karben near Frankfurt a.m.


Inclusion is a big theme. Usually it involves concepts mainly related to school and education. But what happens after the school period? How will people with disabilities get a genuine opportunity to participate to the working life? How can we convince business enterprises to give people with disabilities a good chance? And what conditions politics and society have to create to sustain this process?

Prestigious speakers, institutions and companies' representatives from Germany and Austria will attend the conference. Participants will focus on the meaning of inclusion of people with disabilities in the labour market and in the society showing some good practices.


Two major speeches, Dinah Radke who has taken part in the negotiations on the UN Disability Rights Convention in New York, and Dr. Sigrid Arnade, member of the German National Paralympic Council, will show different points of view on the UN Convention. Exemplary companies like Main IT or auticon will show their personnel strategy for the employment of people with disabilities. Duirng the conference numerous workshops drawing a multifaceted picture of the subject will take place.

Dr. Sigrid Arnade, Dieter Basener, Kuno Eichner, Dinah Radke, Barbara Vieweg, etc.

Conference language will be German.

For more information, pelase contact in southern Hesse bbw:
Petra Vogt
Tel: 06039-482-233
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



05 April 2013

Josefsheim Bigge


Symposium “Better career opportunities for people with spina bifida and hydrocephalus” taking place at the Josefsheim Bigge on 18 April 2013


We empower uS bH is the title of a European project in which those concerned, self-help organisations and occupational rehabilitation institutions have jointly developed an occupational support concept for people with Spina bifida and Hydrocephalus. The implementation of the individual instruments should, in future, provide lasting improvement to the career opportunities of young people with these disabilities.


Empowerment, as well as self-determined and satisfactory participation in working life, were main points of reference. Important and illuminating is also the European perspective of this cooperation. We empower uS bH was financially supported by the European Union with funds from the Lifelong Learning Programme.

The contents and results of the project will take centre stage of the symposium to be held on the 18th of April, 2013 at the Josefsheim Bigge in Germany. People with the above mentioned disabilities who have had diverse experiences in working life, representatives of the project partners and other experts will give their opinions on this subject matter. The developed instruments as well as associated topics will be discussed in eight workshops. The presentation by the author Felix Bernhard, who made a pilgrimage alone from Frankfurt to Jerusalem in a wheelchair, will round off an attractive programme.

Further information can be found on the project website under: www.we-empower-us.eu.



07 February 2013

APPACDM de Villa Nova de Gaia


"People with Disabilities' Guardianship and Conservatorship" Seminar on 08 February 2013


Guardianship and Conservatorship of people with disability is a recurrent theme, not completely ignored, but usually postponed by families either because they ignore these legal matters or wish to, unconsciously, disregard them because of their repercussions and sensitive nature.Therefore, during the commemoration of its 40th anniversary, APPACDM de V. N. Gaia is organising the “People with Disabilities' Guardianship and Conservatorship” Seminar, on the 8 February, at 9 pm, in the Municipal Auditorium of Vila Nova de Gaia.


Seminar programme


For more information, please contact Dulce Maria Feirreira Coutinho at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



18 January 2013

AFID - Diferença Foundation


Dance Workshop for persons with disabilities on 15-19 April 2013


After the great success of last year, AFID Foundation in Portugal is organising a Dance Workshop for persons with disabilities. The workshop participation and associated costs are free of charge, courtesy of the Grundtvig funding of the Lifelong Learning Programme, and will accept registrations until 28th February. The objective of the workshop is to promote an international meeting of people with disabilities and their formal or informal carers at a European Level; to promote proximity, interactivity and socialization through dance between people with disabilities and their carers; to promote discussion and to share the best practices for Inclusion through Dance and Body Language as a provider of Social Inclusion.


Read the documents linked below for more information, or contact Vanessa Ferreira at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Workshop Description


Registration Form


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