To create vocational perspectives with people.



To create vocational perspectives with people.


Target group

Adults in vocational rehabilitation – either for a new education or for the direct reintegration to work.





Organisation Chart


Description of services



Innovation Priorities


Further development of successful inclusion of people with disabilities:

- Participation and self-determination in the vocational rehabilitation 

- Networking with companies

- Ongoing improvement of the reintegration rate


Improvement of the quality of our services:

- Services orientated on individual approaches

- Digital learning

- Intercultural competence


Enforce the sustainability of our organization for the future:

- Development of new business models

- Staff development and demography



Exportable expertise


Our working area is the vocational rehabilitation of adults.

- Vocational Assessment, vocational orientation 

- Vocational in-house programs of 12 to 24-months in 35 vocational educations with a Chamber of Commerce/Trade certificate

- Online-supported vocational education in part-time schemes

- Supported vocational rehabilitation in companies with flexible presence units

- Rehabilitation services for a direct re-integration to the labor market

- Support and supervision via integration managers and the medical in-house service 

- Erasmus + KA mobility project








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EPR Coordinator





Verena Hoheiser

Tel: +49 0221 9956-2221

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