Benefits of EPR membership


EPR activities go beyond traditional mutual learning exchanges. EPR members co-create and pilot innovative products, tools and methods to better meet the needs of clients, employers and funders. Professionals from EPR members gather to benchmark and analyse effectiveness in service provision over time; improving quality of services and quality of life for clients, as well as positively impacting their daily work experience. Through membership of the European Platform for Rehabilitation, organisations are better equipped to be competitive in a changing market environment.


EPR offers numerous opportunities to network with leading service providers from across Europe. EPR members are committed to high quality service delivery in the fields of vocational education and training, employment reintegration, medical rehabilitation and social care.


Through its public affairs activities, EPR enables service providers to contribute to the social and disability debate and to the strengthening of the social service sector. In addition, EPR facilitates access to EU funding through project development support, partner matching and training sessions. Furthermore, EPR is able to organise activities that run as projects with concrete deliverables, without needing to go through the EU project application process.


EPR develops its programme of activities through individual consultations with each member in the network.



Package of standard activities:


  • The annual conference and training workshops for a small (reduced) fee for up to 4 participants
  • Member coordinators’ meetings for networking, mutual learning and project development
  • Strategic workshop for directors on organisational development and strategy Annual public affairs event bringing together policy and practice Training sessions on EU initiatives and policy
  • Receive EPR support to organise international events
  • Capacity building on accessing EU funding programmes



Additional services available to all members:


For an additional fee the secretariat will organise personalised, tailor-made training or other activities for an individual member (helpdesking/consultancy).



Membership Fees


EPR has two categories of membership, associate and full. The fee that an organisation pays is determined by GDP of the country in which the organisation is based in relation to the EU-28 (The statistics can be found here)


There are three levels of fee for each category (associate / full members):


  • The top fee level (3) applies to organisations based in a country with an above average GDP
  • The medium fee level (2) applies to those based in a country with a GDP which is up to 20% below the EU average
  • The lowest fee level (1) would apply to those operating in a country with a GDP which is more than 20% below the average.  




For more information, send a request to Laura Jones at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call at +32 2 235 66 62

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