EPR Newsletter



The EPR Newsletter is published three times a year and is sent to the members as a hard copy. The Newsletter features many interesting items including an editorial, updates on projects and discussion groups, information about Public Affairs issues and developments, a list of new documents posted on the EPR website and a calendar of upcoming events and meetings. A special section in the Newsletter is usually dedicated to a particular topic, an interview with rehabilitation professional or brings an EPR member in focus. The EPR members also contribute regularly with news from their centres.


EPR Annual Report



The EPR Annual Report summarises the main developments and activities of the organisation over the past calendar year. The publication reviews work undertaken in the key Pillars of activity, sets out the strategic direction of the network and informs about the different management structures. The Annual Report also includes updates on the implementation of the Centre Action Plans and on major events organised throughout the year. The edition reports on the finances of EPR and includes a full description and directory of all EPR’s members.


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