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14 November 2012



The Power of KINECT in Special Needs Education – Heliomare project


This year Heliomare will attend the Microsoft Partners in Learning Global Forum that will take place in Prague, Czech Republic, from 28 November to 1 December 2012. The Global Forum – with the theme “Your ideas matter” – will celebrate the most innovative educators and school leaders for bringing technology to life in classroom. Heliomare will participate to the prize award presenting the project “The Power of KINECT in Special Needs Education”, which aims to monitor the impact of the use of Microsoft’s Kinect motion sensor in the school for special needs education. The results prove that the use of Kinect technology, besides to improve the motor skills of students with physical disabilities, increases the students' motivation in learning process and impacts positively all the other school results.


For more information about the project, please consult the project website




28 August 2012



Heliolympics 2012: Together for a golden experience


From 17-27 September Heliomare will organise the Heliolympics with the slogan: ‘together a golden experience’. Heliolympics will stimulate clients to participate in all kind of sports, different tournaments, and competitions where also staff participants are involved, as the badminton. This event is realised thanks to the donation of a lot of sponsors and the enthusiasm of the staff and volunteers. Heliolympics is highly recommended by well-known personages such as Louis van Gaal, Ambassador Ronald Vink and Mirjam de Koning who are members of the Dutch Paralympic team and former clients of Heliomare. The event will be opened by Her Royal Highness Prinses Margriet.

The Heliolympics venues  will be in Wijk aan Zee - Rehabilitation centre, gymnasium, swimming pool - in Amsterdam at the Ronald McDonald sport centre), in  Beverwijk Athletics complex and at the beach of Wijk aan Zee. Some of the Heliolympics disciplines are: archery, wheelchair tennis, sailing, diving rowing, shot put, and javelin. The event is free of charge, clients of other rehabilitation centres also are invited to participate.


For more information contact Frank 't Hart at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Website is available only in Dutch




01 August 2012

AFID - Diferença Foundation


Dance Workshop for persons with disabilities on 22-26 October 2012


EPR Member Foundation AFID in Portugal is organising a Dance Workshop for persons with disabilities. The workshop participation and associated costs are free of charge, courtesy of the Grundtvig funding of the Lifelong Learning Programme, and will accept registrations until 20th August.

The objective of the workshop is to promote an international meeting of people with disabilities and their formal or informal carers at a European Level; to promote proximity, interactivity and socialization through dance between people with disabilities and their carers; to promote discussion and to share the best practices for Inclusion through Dance and Body Language as a provider of Social Inclusion.


Read the documents linked below for more information , or contact Vanessa Ferreira at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Workshop Description


Registration Form




03 July 2012

Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre (VRC)


EQUASS Stakeholder Committee met in VRC for vocational rehabilitation service quality improvement


Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre (VRC) since 2010 is carrying out the functions of EQUASS Local Licence Holder in Lithuania. On the 7th of June VRC organized the EQUASS National Stakeholder Meeting for vocational rehabilitation service quality improvement. The meeting was attended by one of the EQUASS quality system developers, EQUASS key expert Guus van Beek, members of the National Stakeholder Committee, delegates from the Department for the Affairs of Disabled, the Ministry of Education and Science, the Disability and Working Capacity Assessment Office, the Union of Disabled Social Enterprises, the Lithuanian Disabled Forum, the Union of The SOS Children’s Villages, organizations of Disabled, vocational rehabilitation service providers. The meeting was aimed to look deeper into variety of quality management systems in Europe and Lithuania and seeks to improve the quality of service in social sector. The participants got knowledge about the role of the National Stakeholder Committee, the best practice in implementing EQUASS quality system in Portugal and Estonia. At the meeting the delegate from Utena Labour Market Training Centre presented the experience on implementing EQUASS in Lithuanian market. The event gave information for all the participants about EQUASS Local Licence Holder functions, the results of EQUASS quality system implementation in Lithuania and action plan of Local Licence Holder for year 2012.




21 June 2012

APPACDM - Villa Nova de Gaia


1^ International Seminar of Special Education of Vila Nova de Gaia


On 6 June 2012 the Group of Schools Dr. Costa Matos, in collaboration with APPACDM - Villa Nova de Gaia, organised in the Auditorium of the Biological Park, the "1th International Seminar on Special Education of Vila Nova de Gaia." The initiative aims to promote among educators and scholars a deeper reflection about the importance of an inclusive process and challenges of young people with disabilities.

For more information visit




27 April 2012

AFID Diferença Foundation


The Insertion Companies: a project of Social Entrepreneurship


Since 1999 AFID Diferença Foundation has invested in the creation of insertion companies, having first created AFIDCLEAN and later AFIDGREEN in 2008. The main objective was to promote the right to employment and to fight social exclusion of disadvantaged people. AFIDCLEAN provides cleaning services for all social equipment of Fundação Afid Diferença while AFIDGREEN provides services in the area of creation and maintenance of green spaces, and has a portfolio of clients which include both public and private entities.

AFID hilights as insertion companies are viewed as an innovative and dynamic experience and focus on the economic feasibility studies showing that these initiatives may become a solution for the future in other words, a positive opportunity to fight the economic crisis.


Consult the article to learn more about Insertion Companies in Portugal




05 April 2012

Berufsbildungswerk Südhessen


The inclusion Initiative


The "Initiative Inklusion" conducted by the two Hessian vocational training centres (Berufsbildungswerke) since September 2011 aims to provide sustained support to severely disabled youths during their transition from (special needs) schools to vocational training and employment. The initiative is part of the National Action Plan of the German Federal Government for the Implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disability. The main objective is to implement a concept and to develop structures that will allow each and every severely disabled student to orientate himself on the job market,  according to his or her individual condition and following well-defined quality standards. In leading the initiative Berufsbildungswerk Südhessenwill make a good use of its longstanding competence and experience in developing vocational orientation services for disabled young people.


Consult the entire article to learn more about Inclusion Initiative




19 March 2012

Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre


Valakupiai Hosts EQUASS Consultancy Training


The Valakupiai Rehabilitation Centre is the official EQUASS Local Licence Holder in Lithuania. As such, they hold EQUASS trainings throughout the year and have the responsibility to disseminate the EQUASS certification system in their country.


To know more, read about the recent EQUASS Consultancy training in Valakupiai. 




8 February 2012



JG is looking for a new rehabilitation manager


The JG-Group is currently looking for a new manager to take charge of the rehabilitation department. The position will be located in Cologne, Germany, and requires an excellent command of the German language.


For more information about the position, consult the job profile.




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