EPR Innovation Prize 2012 Winner



For its fourth edition, the Innovation Prize 2012 was awarded to the "Dreams come true" project, developed by Luovi Vocational College.





Anja Kallio-Koski and Koivula Hannu from Luovi Vocational College

Angela Kerins, EPR President



Congratulations to the Dreams come true project and Luovi Vocational College for winning the EPR Innovation Prize 2012!


 “Dreams come true" develops innovative ways to support employment of people with disabilities, and has already been implemented in Finland by Luovi Vocational College, Keskuspuisto Vocational College and Kiipula Vocational College in collaboration with the Ministry of Labour and local companies. The aim of the project is to provide a common employment model that enables better opportunities for entrepreneurs to employ people with disabilities. This new model will foster the creation of common practices to offer support and services for the employer, employee and working community.


"Dreams come true" hopes to increase the chances of people with disability to get a job and work according to their capabilities. The added value of the project's approach lies in the introduction and implementation of new indicators beside the traditional financial tools and mechanism currently used to measure the impact of employment strategies. One of these indicators is the social responsibility which affects choices of customers, the image of the company and the benefits of diverse workforce.



Anja Kallio-Koski, Director of Adult Education from Luovi was invited to present the project at the Innovation Prize Awarding Ceremony, which was organised during the EPR Annual Conference in Fevik, Norway on 27-28 June 2012.




The ceremony, as stated by Koivula Hannu, Education Director from Luovi, was a unique opportunity to present the project to a large audience of leading rehabilitation professionals and managers. The Awarding Ceremony enabled the promotion not only of the work carried out by Luovi, but also to highlight the added value of the project by introducing new indicators to measure the impact of employment strategies.







For more information on the Dreams come true project, please consult the presentation given during the Innovation Prize Awarding ceremony.


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