EPR Innovation Prize 2011 Winner



For its third edition, the Innovation Prize 2011 was awarded to the HeadsUp project, developed by the Rehab Group.




 Collette Ryan, Project Manager from RehabCare



Congratulations to the HeadsUp project and RehabCare for winning the EPR Innovation Prize 2011!


The HeadsUp project aims to reduce the number of youth suicides in Ireland through preventive methods. HeadsUp adopts an innovative approach which promotes mental health across Ireland in order to interact with young people before they reach a point of crisis, targeting 15-24 year olds (an age group more susceptible to self-harming) as early as possible.


The goal of the project is to increase the resilience of young people by teaching them essential life skills, highlighting where to go for help and advice, and de-stigmatising mental health. Moreover, HeadsUp actively encourages and seeks the involvement of young people in the design, delivery and promotion of the project, to ensure it meets the needs of the age category. By using new and innovative techniques, which are accessible and usuable to this age group, the project is better positioned in targeting this susceptible age category.



Collette Ryan, Project Manager from Rehabcare, was invited to  present this outstanding project at the Innovation Prize Awarding Ceremony, which was organised during the EPR Annual Conference 2011 in Athens, Greece.


The Ceremony was a unique opportunity to present the project to a large audience comprising of leading rehabilitation professionals and managers. The Awarding Ceremony enabled the promotion not only of the work carried out by Rehabcare, but also to highlight the vast benefits that will be achieved through this valuable and potentially lifesaving project.






For more information on the HeadUp project, please consult the presentation given during the Innovation Prize Awarding ceremony and the HeadsUp website.


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