EPR Innovation Prize

 2010 Winner



For its second edition, the Innovation Prize 2010 was awarded to the Irene Project, develop by Pluryn




Marlijn Oosterhoff, Project Manager from Pluryn, and AnneMarie Hulst, Vocational Coach




"Irene" is the name of a nursing home for elderly citizens with psychological and geriatric needs. The project develops individualized working activities for clients, on a supported basis, within the community. Pluryn clients support and assist Irene clients by performing caring and domestic tasks. In this sense, Pluryn clients gain in confidence as well as in competence, while Irene's clients, their families, the management and staff recognize the added value of the work done by them.


Marlijn Oosterhoff, Project Manager from Pluryn, and Anne Marie Hulst, Vocational Coach, were invited to the Innovation Prize Awarding Ceremony, organised during the EPR Annual Conference 2010 in Tallinn, Estonia. The Ceremony was a unique occasion for Marlijn and Anne Marie to present their project to a wide audience of rehabilitation professionals and top managers, and to receive the 1.000 Euro reward to participate in EPR activities. The Awarding Ceremony was a unique opportunity of promotion for Marlijn & Anne Marie’s project and of prestige for their organisation.


For more information on the "Irene" project, consult its presentation given during the Innovation Prize Awarding ceremony.





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