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ÆGIS (Open Accessibility Everywhere: Groundwork, Infrastructure, Standards) is an international project aiming at empowering people with disabilities, the elderly and anyone else experiencing disadvantaged when using Internet services, desktop PCs or mobile devices.


This project will provide an accessible, exploitable and deeply embeddable approach in mainstream Information and Communication Technologies (ICT), and will develop open source accessible interfaces and accessibility toolkits for developers, alongside accessible applications and open source assistive technologies for end-users and their supporters.


The consortium is composed of 20 European partners; with Sun Microsystems as coordinator. EPR assumes an important role in this project as it is responsible for the collection of user requirements, the testing and evaluation of the project outcomes and the project’s dissemination activities.


The project offers a unique opportunity to enter a new field (accessible ICTs) and to gain experience and prestige.


A kick-off meeting took place in Prague on 1-3 September 2008 and the second Steering Committee was organised in Stuttgart on 1-3 December 2008.


It is financed under the 7th Research Framework Programme and ended on 31 August 2012.


To know more about ÆGIS please, follow this link: http://www.aegis-project.eu/






AEGIS Newsletter: news about the project, interviews, agenda, publications and more...


AEGIS Newsletter 5, March 2011


AEGIS Newsletter 4, September 2010


AEGIS Newsletter 3, May 2010


AEGIS Newsletter 2, September 2009


AEGIS Newsletter 1, April 2009



Project Dissemination materials:


AEGIS Project leaflet


AEGIS Project poster




AEGIS Project Video


AEGIS video presents project outcomes


This video outlines the work carried out by the AEGIS project during its 4 years, and summarises the different outcomes in the domains of web, desktop and mobile. These are presented by Peter Korn, Technical Manager of the AEGIS project, and Accessible Principle at Oracle.



The AEGIS video on Open Accessibility Framework - Open Accessibility Everywhere


This video outlines AEGIS' Open Accessibility Framework (OAF) through which aspects of the design, development and deployment of accessible mainstream ICT have been realised in the domains of web, desktop and mobile. These are presented by Peter Korn, Technical Manager of the AEGIS project, and Accessible Principle at Oracle during his speech at the 2nd and final AEGIS pan-European Conference on 29 November 2011 in Brussels, Belgium.



The AEGIS project video: about the project

Focus is on having a clear explanation of what the project aims to achieve, as well as to highlight the current needs of people with disabilities. To achieve this, a technical overview is provided, as well as the end-users‘ point of view via interviews with key partner representatives.



Videos (with subtitles) are available on the AEGIS website, Youtube, DVD and other channels.






1st International Conference of ÆGIS & 2nd Pan-European Workshop/User Forum


 Seville, Spain

 6-9 October 2010


The conference entitled "Access for All in the desktop, web and mobile field: an end-user and developer perspective" showcased the world’s most influential open source, web and mobile accessibility projects and bring together developers and people with disabilities. It gathered presenters and exhibitors that addressed assistive technology in Rich Internet Applications (RIA), desktop applications and mobile applications, as well as developer tools that embed accessibility plug-ins.



 2nd International Conference and final Workshop


Brussels, Belgium

28-30 November 2011

 Helga Stevens and Paul Timmers aegis.jpg

The conference entitled “Accessibility Reaching Everywhere” gathered a wide array of experts and users in the area of Assistive Technology to discuss scientific and policy developments in accessible technology; showcased relevant projects and initiatives in the area of assistive technology. The workshop ficused on the realisations of the AEGIS project and provided attendees the opportunity to try out all outcomes of the project.





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