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18-19 September  2008, the Netherlands



EPR organised its XVIth Annual Conference on 18 and 19 September 2008 in collaboration with Stichting Revalidatie Limburg (SRL) in the Netherlands, one of EPR's founding members. The event took place in the majestic TheaterHotel De Oranjerie, a theatre complex located in the picturesque town of Roermond, in the Dutch Limburg.


An outstanding number of 135 participants from 13 countries attended the Conference which was held under the theme 'Outcome measurement of service provision to people with disabilities'. This general topic covering the various rehabilitation domains perfectly reflects the broadening scope of the EPR network and activities. As a result, a large range of rehabilitation professionals from the medical, social and vocational fields joined the Conference.






The EPR Annual Conference is traditionally known for its variety in the programme enabling the participants to listen to keynote speeches, to debate, to exchange information and highlight their organisation’s profile and expertise. All rehabilitation stakeholders had a chance to put forward their own point of view on the theme of outcome measurement, including funders and service users. In addition, the complementary social activities offered plenty of networking opportunities to strengthen the links among EPR fellows.



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