EPR Annual Conference 2015


28 - 29 May 2015, Valencia, Spain






The EPR Annual Conference 2015 has been hosted by the ONCE Foundation in Valencia, Spain on 28-29 May. Over 120 delegates, including experts from Denmark, Norway, Spain and the Netherlands attended the event.


One new associate member organisation from Latvia (Social Integration State Agency) joined EPR professionals at this conference.


The conference focused on the collaboration with employers as key factor to boost the inclusion of people with disabilities in the labour market. In the current context of global crisis and lack of economic resources, social service providers have to be able to understand and meet the needs of businesses so that inclusion can be perceived as mutually beneficial by employers and people with disabilities.




To know more about the EPR Annual Conference 2015:



including a foreword on the overall theme and comprehensive descriptions of the ateliers


Presentations and ateliers

direct access to all the presentations given during the plenary sessions and the ateliers


Conference report

2 days of conference summed up in a few pages. Coordinators are invited to disseminate the report within their organisations


Photo Gallery

downloadable pictures from the Conference. Pictures have been taken by Gonzalo Deval



Summary Video realised by Daniel Rodriguez (FCS Inserta, Spain - Interviews realised by Nathalie Dominguez (FCS Inserta, Spain)






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