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The network of service providers to people with disabilities

committed to excellence and innovation through mutual learning


EPR activities go beyond traditional mutual learning exchanges. EPR members co-create and pilot innovative products, tools and methods to better meet the needs of clients, employers and funders. Professionals from EPR members gather to benchmark and analyse effectiveness in service provision over time; improving quality of services and quality of life for clients, as well as positively impacting their daily work experience. Through membership of the European Platform for Rehabilitation, organisations are better equipped to be competitive in a changing market environment.
EPR offers numerous opportunities to network with leading service providers from across Europe. EPR members are committed to high quality service delivery in the fields of vocational education and training, employment reintegration, medical rehabilitation and social care. In addition to the experienced secretariat, EPR initiatives are supported and facilitated by renowned experts in these fields.

Through its public affairs activities, EPR enables service providers to contribute to the social and disability debate and to the strengthening of the social service sector. In addition, EPR facilitates access to EU funding through project development support, partner matching and training sessions.


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EPR 2018 Annual Conference/25th Anniversary and internal meetings confirmed dates 19th-20th-21st September 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands


NEW Study - Rights and Ethics in practice - Report on inspiring practices in the field of rights and ethics in social services in Europe



e-learning module on mainstreaming in Care, Education & Employment






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